Elected, Former Elected, & Appointed Officials

Dennis Fisco Former Mill Valley Mayor

"I am delighted to endorse and support Max for Mill Valley City Council. As Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Commission and as a constant volunteer in our town, Max has worked hard to earn all of our support. He has experience, knowledge and local roots that will lead to level headed and fair minded decisions. I have no question that he will be a dedicated Councilmember."

Cliff Waldeck Former Mill Valley Mayor

"I have the deepest respect for Max and his ability to understand an issue and create consensus towards a solution."

Jessica Jackson Former Mill Valley Mayor
Shawn Marshall Former Mill Valley Mayor
Andy Berman Former Mill Valley Mayor
Garry Lions Former Mill Valley Mayor
Ken Wachtel Former Mill Valley Mayor
Dr. Michele Crncich Hodge Mill Valley School Board member
Leslie Wachtel Former Mill Valley School Board Trustee
Greg Hildebrand Chair, Mill Valley Planning Commission
Vanessa Justice Chair, City of Mill Valley Parks and Recreation Commission
Christie Coleman Vice Chair, Mill Valley Emergency Preparedness Commission
Ashley Raveche City of Mill Valley Emergency Preparedness Commissioner
Elspeth Mathau Former Co-Chair, City of Mill Valley DEI Task Force
Paul Moe Former Chair, Mill Valley Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Al Grumet Vice Chair, City of Mill Valley Climate Action Plan Task Force
Susan Gladwin City of Mill Valley Climate Action Plan Task Force Member
Sharon Valentino Former Chair, Mill Valley Arts Commission

Community Supporters

Paul Austin Founder and CEO of Play Marin
Joan Vogel Hottenstein Tam High PTSA Boardmember
Joan Murray Founder, CLEAN Mill Valley
Kendra Pollack
Ged Robertson
Peter Schumacher
Liz Schumacher
Betty Goerke
Susan Lopes
Molly De Vries
Sandy Zuber
Joyce Porter
Jeff Porter
Kingston Cole

Regional Leaders

Dennis Rodoni Marin County Supervisor
Damon Connolly Marin County Supervisor
Melissa Blaustein Sausalito Vice Mayor
Steve Burdo San Anselmo Vice Mayor
Brian Colbert San Anselmo Councilmember
Eli Beckman Corte Madera Councilmember
Eric Lucan Mayor of Novato
Denise Athas Novato City Councilmember
Eli Hill San Rafael Councilmember
Chris Rogers Santa Rosa Mayor
Gabriel Quinto El Cerrito Mayor
Devin Murphy Mayor Pro Tempore, Pinole
Doug Kelly President, Ross Valley Sanitary District Board
Igor Tregub CDP Environmental Caucus Chair

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