Why I'm Running

I’m running to bring a fresh perspective to local government. From preparing our town for emergencies to protecting our natural environment, I’ve brought people together around the causes I care about. I would love to hear what’s on your mind and I hope that I can earn your support. Please consider signing up for updates below.

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We’re a small town. It’s why so many of us stay here year after year. The Memorial Day Parade. The Dipsea. The Fall Arts Festival. I love the spirit of our town!

I'm running for City Council to protect our environment, prepare for emergencies, and support affordable housing and our neighborhood serving small businesses. Together we can tackle the traffic mess, and maintain our fiscal prudence, but we must start by recognizing that a lot works. We’re a mostly safe community with low crime rate. We have well-funded high achieving public schools. We are surrounded by beautiful open spaces.

That said, the Mill Valley I grew up in has changed in many respects. If we’re honest, it’s not all for the better. Rising home values benefit some - to the detriment of those who can’t afford to buy or rent. The economic boom has many benefits, but has created an ever-continuing traffic nightmare and housing stock out of reach for many. I am running to build on our town’s strengths and move quickly to address serious issues confronting us today.

Max with former Mayor Cliff Waldeck
Max with local businesswoman, Molly De Vries, and a customer